Covid -19 virus update from Happy Hearts Preschool

With the heightened awareness of the COVID-19 Virus, including directives by provincial authorities, we wanted to keep you updated about what is happening at Happy Hearts Preschool as we navigate through these challenging times.

Here is what is happening THIS WEEK as well as THREE THINGS to remember during these changing times:

* We will still be running the preschool (all classes) this week while following any provincial – ministry of education and healthy authority guidelines that have been given to us and any other requirements that may become available to us.

* We will be updating you during the week if and when any mandatory changes are made in regards to running the preschool. Please do check your e-mail and Happy Hearts Preschool Facebook page for those updates.

* We have taken steps as a preschool to try and keep you and your kids safe by sanitizing all surfaces daily, regular hygiene routines, using hand sanitizer, regular washing of hands, avoiding touching faces, wiping noses with tissue (+washing hands), proper way to cough/sneeze, monitoring for sick kids, etc.


If you are feeling anxious in this time as many of us may be, and would rather keep your kids at home, feel free to do that -we understand. For those of you who still want to bring your kids, the preschool will be open this week.

If your child is sick and/or showing flu-like symptoms, please keep them home for the good of all of us. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and stay safe. If you have any health/medical questions call the nursing hotline – 811.

As uncertain as these time are, it’s important that we all stay calm, be careful, act cautiously and watch our mental health (especially for our kids sake) in light of paralyzing information, ever changing news cycles, evolving facts and the anxiety that seems to come with all of that. We are here if you need anything and if we can be on any help, we are in this together and; “This too shall pass.”

Take care.

Ragnhild Coleman
for Happy Hearts Preschool