All the information for school year 2020-21 is in our Handbook:

Happy Hearts 2020 Parent Handbook



Monthly newsletters will be sent by e-mail at the beginning of each month.


Happy Hearts Preschool is closed on the following holidays: Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Break, Family Day/February Break, Good Friday, Easter Break and Victoria Day.


  • Special Family Events
  • Special Guests/Presentations
  • Christmas Event
  • Preschool Graduation


Happy Hearts Prechool participates in the Scholastic Book Clubs.  This is a wonderful opportunity to start or expand your home library.  This is also a great introduction for children to the joys of reading.  Scholastic offers books and magazines for the whole family.  It offers everything you need to encourage the love of reading and learning.  Scholastic sales also benefit our classrooms, as the preschool receives credit or bonus points that can be used towards purchasing classroom resources, books and materials.  Each month or so, you will receive an order form in your child’s backpack from Scholastic.


Notification to withdrawal must be made in writing one month in advance of withdrawing from the program.  One month’s tuition will be charged in the event that proper notification has not been received.


Classes will begin  on Monday September  10th (TTh AM & PM) / September 11th (MWF AM)

The children are required to bring their indoor shoes to school and home every school day. We do recomend the  children also keep and extra change of clothes in a backpack at their hook. They will have a hook in the hallway with their name on it, but this is a shared hook with children coming at different times.


This years orientation will be sent out as an email on September 4th.


Important Dates 2020-2021

May be subject to changes

September 3                      Parents & Students Orientation
September 10 & 11            First Day of Classes
October 12                         No School – Thanksgiving Day
October 29, 30                   Special Event – October Fest

November 11                     No School – Remembrance Day
November 26 & 27           Special Event – Rodeo Days

December 10 & 11            Last day of school

December 12-Jan 3          Christmas Break


January 4                            School Resumes

Januray 13                          Registration for school year 2020-2021
January 28 & 29                Winter Carnival

February 11 & 12               Special Event – Valentines Exchange
February 15                        No School – Family Day
February  16-19                 No School – Winter Break
February 22                        School Resumes

April 2                                No School – Good Friday
April 5 – 9                          No School – Spring Break
April 12                               School Resumes

May 24                                 No School – Victoria Day

June 8                                 Graduation (evening/for graduating kids only)
June 9 & 10                        Year end activity  – last day of class


We have adopted a number of procedures to comply with provincial guidelines and protocols to help us keep you, your children and teachers safe in this time – as follows:
–       When dropping off your child, we ask that you maintain a 2 meter (6’) gap between yourself and anyone that is not from your family at all times.
–       We will not be letting parents and/or guardians into the building at this time, with the exception of parents who have an appointment with a teacher, or want to see the administrative assistant/supervisor for administrative reasons, or those who may need to comfort their child in distress at the beginning of the school year.
–       We will be cleaning and sanitizing all classroom surfaces, materials and equipment and bathrooms throughout the day and at the end of every day.
–       Children will have access to washrooms and sinks with running water, hand soap, paper towel and hand sanitizer that they can use independently. All the students will be guided to wash their hands with soap and water after using the bathroom and, before and after each play time.
–       We will designate and maintain front-facing and distanced tables and chairs/desks. Even with our best efforts, it’s likely that kids will interact at some point. We will try to keep face to face interaction at a minimum.
–       We will restructure play time so that kids stick to their cohort and assigned teacher. We won’t be combining classes for any activities.
–       Because masks have not been mandated provincially for preschoolers at this time, we won’t require them. However, should you feel like giving your child a mask, we will make sure that they keep it on and accommodate your concern for safety.
–       Water fountains will not be available at this time. Please provide your child with a water bottle for school.
–   We will strive to follow all ministry of education and public health guidelines given to us and adjust our procedures as need arises.